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Popularly known as the medium of common man, radio has been the best uniting force of our vast country. With its widespread reach and easy access, people from across the country get a feeling of belongingness because of it. Radio is not just a source of entertainment but also of immense opportunities for jobs. However, unlike print media and television, journalism in Indian radio industry is restricted to soft journalism and does not allow hard news journalism.

Until last year, radio industry in India recorded a growth of over 16% annually. After the completion of Phase III of FM radio licensing in India, 839 licenses will be generated in 294 cities and this is expected to cause a significant growth of 18% amounting to 23 billion INR during the following three years.

Apart from viewing Radio as a form of journalism, career opportunities in Radio industry include taking up roles of Broadcast Assistant, Radio Jockey (RJ), Reporter, Producer, Radio Traffic Manager, Station Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Programme Controller, Radio News Editor and Broadcast Journalism. To make students ready for such thrilling careers, NIMCJ institute provides a dynamic approach towards its lessons. With the help of best theoretical as well as practical tools, knowhow of radio journalism course and its other aspects is imparted to students at the NIMCJ's Radio Institute.