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Digital Media

Digital Media

Digital media is the best career choice of this era given how dependent we are on technology even for our basic requirements. It has become an omnipresent element in our daily lives without us even realizing it. As more than 227 million Indians tune in to listen to music, watch a film, TV show or a cricket match on their mobiles, computers, tablets or other devices, the Internet is delivering some serious revenues. The digital media technology helps communicating with a global audience using technologies such as video, audio, photography, computer graphics and animation. Computer technologies such as web development, computer programming and networking technologies all blend in together to create an exciting multimedia environment. NIMCJ being one of the best digital media and social media institute gives you the opportunity to explore the avenues of the digital communication. The institute of digital media technology will train students to be industry-ready by providing them practical knowledge on how digital media actually works.

According to a report by Nasscom and Akamai Technologies, India will have around 700 million internet users by the end of 2017 that will ultimately create an overwhelming business opportunity to sell products & services online. More than 1,50,000 job openings are estimated to be available in the Digital Media sector in India this year. There is an illimitable scope in digital media for monetary as well as intellectual growth.

One can build a career in digital media by becoming a Computer game developer, graphics designer, Photographer, Technical writer, Videographer, Web page designer, Mobile Application Designer etc.

Digital media is the top trending career choice. All smart students should hop on the bandwagon by taking up this course at NIMCJ's Digital Media Institute.