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Print Journalism

Print Journalism

Born from the oldest form of media and still growing tremendously, Print Journalism offers great scope for a bright career in the media industry. Given the important role it played in the unification of countrymen during the freedom struggle from British Raj, print media is undoubtedly one of the best modes of journalism to take up in India.

Even now journalism continues to be one of the most respected professions across the county. Over 5000 newspapers get registered with RNI every year and more than 2.6 million newsprints are consumed every year. This exponential expansion has led to several openings in the field of Print Journalism. Students can opt for a career in reporting, writing, editing or designing news articles and features.

With the recent trend of traditional newspapers and magazines building an online presence, the importance of print journalism has only grown further. This form of journalism is widening its horizons, from print to digital, but the essential skill set required to be able to produce news is still the top priority of journalism. The institute, thus, equips students with necessary skills needed to flourish in the print media industry like eloquent writing, speed, precision, accuracy, noteworthiness and identifying relevancy.

The impact of print journalism is immense - millions of people read news articles every day that are disseminated through several national and local carriers throughout the day. If you want to make a difference in the way society is functioning or create awareness about all that is happening around us, the institute, through its print journalism program, can help you best by preparing you to be a responsible citizen and imbibing values of conscientiousness and dutifulness. A holistic development of student's reading, writing, analyzing and reporting abilities will be focussed on in the institute which will help him/her in quicker advancement of career. Best of students deserve best of teaching.


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