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5 Best Writing Career Options After a Mass Communication Degree


5 Best Writing Career Options After a Mass Communication Degree

5 Best Writing Career Options After a Mass Communication Degree   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Ever thought of “Writing” as a career option or what courses to take to become a writer? Well, most people tend to think that there is a dearth of opportunities in accepting “Writing” as a long-term career option. According to them, writers either write a Novel or work for a Newspaper company. However, the real picture is quite the opposite. People who chose “Writing” as their career option will tend to say otherwise. According to them, there are a plethora of opportunities waiting out there for people who want to make writing as their career. If you believe that there is a wordsmith residing in you, then do explore these roles which involve Writing as a major skill:

1.  Technical Writer

2.  Editor

3.  Blogger

If you are interested in Journalism and also have a degree in it, good writing skills can prove to be one of the most important too. Blogging gives you the freedom to voice out your opinions without the filters and rules and regulations one would otherwise have.

Microblogging is also a thing you can to advertise, market and influence. You can blog on Instagram, Zomato, Facebook and also earn a good amount from it.  Once you have gathered an adequate amount of viewership you can also contact advertisers and brands to work with.

4. Creative Ad Copy Writer

Crime master BOGO is still stuck in the minds of people with a tinge of astonishment, and appreciation for that talented copywriter of Zomato when they thought of it. If you're sharp she crisp, know your way around words and know what message to cash in on first. Copywriting is the job for you. It is the highest paying and reputed position. It also opens out a channel for you to learn about marketing.

5. Script Writer

With the internet booming and along with it our sources of entertainment, a well-articulated person with a mind that can tell a story is needed everywhere. From digital marketing agencies’ video scripts for branding, to script radio shows, television serials, and even YouTube channels. You might as well hit big and end up in Bollywood.

Apart from these roles, there are other career options such as Blogging, News Reporter, Magazine Writer, Journalist etc. which involves writing.

So where do I start, if I have a passion for writing and want to become a writer? What are the different courses that I should take in order to become a writer? How do I make myself appear as the perfect candidate for writing roles?

Well, the answer to all these questions is to gear up and appear for the MACJET Entrance Exam. This exam is conducted by the National Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism – NIMCJ. It is one of the most reputed Mass Communication and Journalism Institute in India recognized by Gujarat University. By clearing this exam with flying colours, one would qualify himself/herself for securing admission at NIMCJ, get a secure degree in Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism and bag up a profitable career in writing.

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07 Jan 2019

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