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Everything You Need to Know to Make Career in Electronic Media


Everything You Need to Know to Make Career in Electronic Media

Everything You Need to Know to Make Career in Electronic Media  

The media field has two sub-segments:

  1. Print media
  2. Electronic media

With growing technology, easy access to the internet, Smartphones and electronic items, many aspiring people choose to make a career in the electronic media industry. If you are one of them, this article gives A to Z information about making a shining career in electronic media.

What is Electronic Media?

The media line that needs to use any kind of electronic or electrochemical means to relay news or information to masses is called electronic media. Needless to mention, we all get influenced, inspired, and impressed with this form of media which is available on television, phone, radio, computer, etc.

What are the Top Career Options in Electronic Media?

Similar to the print media industry, even electronic media industry has multiple job options to choose from to make a successful career in electronic media:

These are some of the top positions available to make a career in electronic media.

What is a minimum eligibility criterion to make a career in electronic media?

If you want to be part of this industry, you must have certain educational qualification and certain skills as listed below:

Educational Qualification:

If you have passed masters in mass communication and journalism, then it can work as an added advantage for you.

Additional Qualification:

These qualification criteria are not mandatory to get a job in this field, but having one or more of them can help you find a job faster and make the best career in electronic media:

If you want to be part of the electronic media industry, then you must be ready to work longer hours and push yourself. Of course, the perks are great for being part of this industry.

What is the Salary Standard in the Electronic Media industry?

The package for fresher in this industry is not really alluring one as it ranges from 9000 to 12000 Rs/Month. Also, the salary in government media houses is not that high. However, with hard work and experience, one can grab higher salary packages. Also, packages and perks in big media names and private news houses such as Sony channel, Zee Network, Star Channel, etc. are quite high. The perks are always there in addition to the salary.

The concluding note is you must make a career in this industry if you are passionate about it, but you have to make sure that you study mass media and communication from a renowned electronic media institute such as NIMCJ, the best media college in India.

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