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How Electronic Media helps in Mass Communication


How Electronic Media helps in Mass Communication

How Electronic Media helps in Mass Communication  
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Electronic media helps in easy communication to connect people from the far end to other ends. Learn how electronic media help us in Mass communication to communicate the desired message to the vast number of audience.

Before diving into how Electronic Media Helps in Mass Communication let us first understand what goes through some basic concepts. 

Importance of Electronic Media in Mass Communication

Any medium that can help us communicate the desired message to a vast number of the desired audience is called a medium for mass communication. We all have the need to be heard and more than that we need to receive some amount of information about the things that are happening around of us. Back in the days, newspaper, banner and radio were the only mass media mode of communication other than word of mouth.

But after the rise of the digital age, that has changed… with apps Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and many others… anyone now has the potential to reach out to multiple people. These digital mediums some of the few from different types of electronic media.

Role of Electronic Media of Communication

Nowadays are most often news is spread and read electronically and so are advertisements. Electronic media, in general, makes communication easy for people to connect with each other by bringing them together through media facilities.

This wasn’t the case during old times, people used to perform in cultural events, etc. There was a stronger sense of community and people will come together too often and take about their days and lives. Electronic media has replaced that for good or bad is prone to subjectivity.

Electronic media is wide-spread and very much a part of the vernacular in most of the developed world. Electronic devices have made their place in modern life like life necessity. The entire world is rapidly incorporating electronic media in everyday activities and India, with its digitalization drive, is not lagging behind.

4 Advantages of Electronic Media

1. Education

In many areas, people get educated through the media where they get to learn many things from media about politics, outside environment, etc. There are MOOC courses, that can give you a better resume along with classes from around the world. You can also self-learn in whichever field you wish to.

2. Informational

People are not blinded now. They have more than the information they need. Media like television is a good source for people to get information regarding anything that would otherwise be very difficult to attain.

3. Exposure

Electronic media makes people aware of world-wide things. Through this electronic media, you can get to see many cultural events going in the world. Sitting at your home you can peek-a-boo around the world.

4. Opportunities

Greater opportunities lay on your way through electronic media sitting at your place. Which is the best advantage of electronic media?

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02 Feb 2019

Post by : NIMCJ