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Watchdog Journalism An Interesting Career for Mass Communication Students


Watchdog Journalism An Interesting Career for Mass Communication Students

Watchdog Journalism An Interesting Career for Mass Communication Students   Many students are taking different journalism courses in Ahmedabad and across the nation. Each mass communication and journalism institute has a different course to offer. Depending on the personal interest, students can choose a specialization after completing a diploma or degree in mass communication and journalism. To help you discover one more career option, in this blog, we will shed light on watchdog journalism.

What is Watchdog Journalism?

Unlike propagandist journalists, watchdog journalists do not write articles from the perspective of government.
The watchdog journalists keep an eye on the actions of the government and cover unbiased views in the news.
According to the best institute for mass communication, watchdog journalism is more focused on identifying concerns, loopholes, scandals, and similar issues of the government.

Role of Watchdog Journalist:

  • The main role of a watchdog journalist is to keep an eye on the hypocrisy and the misconduct of the government or government officials, departments, etc.
  • As per the mass communication and journalism institute in India, watchdog journalists collect information related to corrupt people in the system.
  • They also cover scandals with definitive proofs.
  • They have to be unbiased, neutral, objective, and fair.
  • In a democratic society, the role of watchdog journalists is so important that it is called the fourth estate.

    Importance of Watchdog Journalism:

  • In democratic countries like India, this kind of journalism consolidates democracy.
  • It helps in assuring the government and different people connected to the same work in favour of countrymen.
  • It contributes to assuring the money of people gets used for the betterment of country and country people.
  • Influencing Aspects of Watchdog Journalism:

    According to the best institute for mass communication, three influencing factors are responsible for whole watchdog journalism:


  • The watchdog journalists not only closely follow the angles indicating something wrong happening by the government, judiciary, or people in the system, but they also work on collecting proofs.
  • The watchdog journalists have the right to ask questions and even interrogate the person in question in the last round of scrutiny when the journalist has all proofs in hand.
  • Style of reporting:

  • It is also called a voice of reporting.
  • Usually, the journalists use the voice of the third person until the claims are proven. The critical questions get covered in the news shared by watchdog journalists in the third party voice.
  • News Source:

  • The detached orientation of watchdog journalists focuses on raising questions on wrongdoings of the government or corrupt people. To raise the questions or to further scrutinize the event, the source of news plays an important role.
  • Career Opportunities

    In any newsroom or media house, you can get a job with a lucrative package. As India is one of the biggest democratic countries in the world, watchdog journalists have a bright future here.

    How to Become a Watchdog Journalist?

    Contact NIMCJ (National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism), which is the best institute for mass communication. You will get all further guidance from the institute.

    15 Feb 2021

    Post by : NIMCJ