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What Makes Mass Communication Different


What Makes Mass Communication Different

What Makes Mass Communication Different   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Mass communication is also one of the forms of communication. However, the unique characteristics of mass communication make it stand out from all other types of communication. It is a very powerful form of communication. In this article, we will share major characteristics of mass communication, which make it different from all other communication types:

1. Diversified Audiences:

In mass communication, messages are conveyed to the masses. This message is conveyed to different types of audiences such as:

2. Different Communication Mediums:

One of the characteristics of mass communication is it used two different mediums to communicate with mass audiences:

  1. Electronic media and
  2. Mechanical media

Some of the common media used in mass communication are:

Mass communication never includes one-on-one communication in any way.

3. Single Message Conveyed to Masses:

Mass communication is meant to disseminate information to massive audiences. Usually, there is a single message, which gets conveyed using different mediums and different approaches. Anyone having access to these mediums is the audience receiving this message.

4. Professionals Are Mandatory:

As mentioned earlier, one of the characteristics of mass communication is that it includes communicating with massive unknown people. The audiences here are unknown and of different demographics. Thus, it is necessary to make the message so powerful that it can grab the attention and interest of people. Therefore, to create and convey an effective message to audiences, a team of professionals gets involved. This team includes:

5. Time Is Money:

This proverb is true everywhere, but in the case of mass communication it defines one of the major characteristics of mass communication. A message to be conveyed needs to be on time else it will be of no value. Thus, mediums such as radio, electronic newspapers, television, disseminate some information almost instantly. On the other hand, some messages are conveyed as per the predefined scheduled such as stories and current affairs or related topics covered in magazines, blogs, movies, etc.

6. Lack of Straight Feedback:

The communicator does not get any instant or straightforward feedback from the audience. The reason behind the absence of feedback is one of the characteristics of mass communication. Mass communication is mainly a one-way communication. Thus, the communicator only conveys the message and there is no way to check direct reactions or comments from the audiences. The subsequent events or reactions using modern tools can help to receive the feedback.

31 Aug 2020

Post by : NIMCJ