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What Skills and Education Do You Need For A Career In Advertising


What Skills and Education Do You Need For A Career In Advertising

What Skills and Education Do You Need For A Career In Advertising   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

To make a career in the field of advertising, you need prior education and this article will guide you through the prerequisites of how to start a career in advertising. To make a career in the field of the advertisement, it is mandatory to learn the following from good advertising institutes, you can also opt for advertising courses.

Career in Advertising

  1. Management Domains: This helps in approaching and recruiting for an advertising company

  2. Mass Media Courses: This helps in developing and learning skills necessary for the designing, planning and obtaining the final result which is an advertisement

  3. Creative Skills in Writing and Designing: This necessarily helps in incorporating the essential creative skills for a good advertisement that catches the eyes of the public and helps in branding and promoting the respective product.

  4. Image and Personality: In order to sell the product i.e. my advertisement in the market, it is mandatory to possess a strong personality with an appealing personality.

  5. Sound background in Technology: One must learn the skills of digital marketing and designing

  6. Law and Legal Areas of Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights

The above-mentioned areas necessarily help in gaining and making a good career in the field of advertisements.

These are basically some of the best advertising courses in India. Consequently, the following will be the educational areas:

  • Management Studies with a specialization in Marketing and Advertisements

  • Mass Media Studies with an emphasis on Advertisements(Designing and Applied Advertisements)

  • Creative Skills in English Writing and Telling Stories

  • Law Courses with a focus on IPR, Copyrights and Communication Rights

  • Personality Development Courses which enhances the image and improves the communication skills


With the educational background and exposure in hands, it becomes easier to grab a position in the advertising company. The personality of the individual and the rest of the characters learnt skills helps to settle down in the advertising world. It is a world of telling and sharing stories with the help of the images and designs especially created for the companies, corporates and organizations. These stories give the necessary message to the readers and listeners.

Role of Advertising Professional

In certain advertising companies, there is a need for Accounts and Finance Departments also. Thus, a sound knowledge of accounting and working out with the basics of financial transactions will be further added to items for the advertising platter. This helps in becoming independent and working on their own to maintain sheets of daily transactions, reports, profit and loss sheets, etc.

It is not just designing and planning is required conditions to join the advertising company. There is a need to showcase the administrative skills also. Thus, it is essential to possess skills like leadership, time management, stress management, anger management, motivational skills, etc, are also in demand to join the advertising company.

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19 Feb 2019

Post by : NIMCJ