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Why a Career in Media


Why a Career in Media

Why a Career in Media   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

What is Mass Media?

Mass Media is communication to reach to a large audience in a short time. This is possible through a variety of channels like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.

Why a Career in Mass Media

A career in mass media is one of the most fulfilling careers you can ask for! With all its challenges and hardships, a career in media and mass communication will empower you, guide you and lead you to an elevated sense of professionalism.

1. The extremely creative brains can opt for a career in directing, producing, researching and writing, which opens up doors for their creativity to flow unbridled.

2. The technology-savvy brains can get seriously technical and choose to become lighting technicians editors and camera operators among many other career options.

3. The ones who love the organizational aspect of things can take up the administrative roles in the TV industry.

4. If you love talking and passionately believe in the power of voice, the radio industry has many interesting jobs waiting for you.

5. For the ones who are into the digital aspect of things, a career in developing websites and digital communication will satiate your intellectual desires.

6. Those who like to go into the niche zone; you can step into the field of illustration, animation, film, and documentaries.

7. Or if you wish to step on the ground, you can choose a career in journalism where you keep an eye on everything substantial that’s happening in the world.

The media industry is a continuously growing multi-billion dollar industry with numerous opportunities arising from its rapid expansion. Depending on your area of interest, there’s a perfect job profile for everyone. Join in, and start making an impact!

5 Reasons to Choose Career in Mass Media

1. Exposure

This course enables the student to travel to a diverse place, which helps students to explore the world with a new perspective of a journalist and filmmaker and cover unique events and stories. It additionally gives the student the freedom to use their innovative skills to their full limits. There isn't always any unique manner of working in this turf which offers the student the freedom to discover and form out their style of working.

2. Various Career Options

Studying mass communication help students to be successful professionally. Building strong written and verbal communication while working with others, gaining knowledge of, reading and problem solving are key abilities employers search for. As soon as you develop an interest in mass media, you can apply for internships in newspapers, magazines, FM channels, production house, PR companies and can kick-off your mass media profession from there. Having knowledge of multiple skills help you go really long in this field.

3. Creativity

This mass media course helps students develop and expand their skills while solving conflict situation, dilemmas, working with the team, and openly speak in public. 

4. Fun and Learn

You may find mass media college student always in a completely jovial mood all the time as their mentors are always in the fun-loving mood with a thought of giving knowledge and creativity. They'll always create a healthy environment with active discussion and debates in the class so that students can enhance this personality.

5. Ready to Move

Mass media field could be very cool in terms of learning. It isn't obligatory learning will occur in the classroom. Mass Media student is always ready to travel to a new place not to see places but to learn new things.

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28 Jan 2019

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