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Welcome To Mediotsav 2024

About Mediotsav

We are delighted to invite you to our media festival, "Mediostav: The Colors of Media," which is set to be a colorful celebration of imagination, originality, and the many shades of media. With great care, our team has assembled a program that highlights the vibrant and constantly changing world of media. Mediostav seeks to offer a forum for professionals and students to explore, learn, and connect through thought-provoking panel discussions, interesting competitions, and riveting performances. We've attached a document with the event schedule and a synopsis of the interesting things scheduled for the day to provide you with more specific information about the occasion. It would be an honor to have you participate in this enlightening event and add to Mediostav's vibrant tapestry. We are certain that you will find the celebration to be both thought-provoking and amusing, and your presence would greatly enhance its value. Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to welcoming you to Mediostav: The Colors of Media.

Registration Process

Quick points about Mediotsav

  • Only students are allowed to participate in the event.
  • All participants will receive participation certificates.
  • Registration fee for each participant per event is 100rs.
  • The deadline for registration is 15th february .
  • The winners will receive certificates and exciting prizes.