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Conteporary Media Age

The exciting world of the contemporary media is a fast growing, vibrant and rapidly changing one. The main thrust of these changes is towards media convergence. That is, the old boundaries between print and broadcast media are dissolving, media industry in India heading towards fascinating growth (see the below given charts), resulting in demand for multi-faceted media personnel conversant with contemporary production skills and processes. We aim to address these demands by providing students with highly transferable hybrid production skills to meet this challenging environment.

Students will be enabled to playa full role in the modern digital media world, by providing them with a whole range of experiences and skills related to video production, audio production and photography. Students will work with community groups and produce digital media to support them. The aim is to produce multi-faceted media personnel who are conversant with contemporary convergent production skills and processes.

Our portfolio includes Mass Communication, Journalism and Film & Television Studies. We have built up a large number of links with local media industries.

The degree provides an in-depth study and engagement with all aspects of media production. We concentrate on factual programming and documentary which use these skills with the work with community groups. You will be able to devote your study to this immense area and find your own specialities and areas of study that you wish to focus on. While studying Contemporary Media Production you will be working with a highly experienced and dedicated team of tutors, people who contribute to the media on regular basis.

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To understand operations and nitty-gritty of various mediums of mass communication, a balanced study of mass communication system is required. And NIMCJ is exactly the place for that.

Do join us and make a brilliant career in mass media.

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