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Advertising is one of the most exciting and dynamic subsections of media industry. It focuses on conveying a message to the audience with a desire effect in a persuasive manner. In India, advertising is a $5 billion business where everyday an average consumer is exposed to over 3000 advertising messages. More than 3,00,000 people are already engaged in this sector. Job openings and opportunities in advertising sector are immensely high.

Applicants interested in taking up a course in advertising and building a career in it must have a flair for writing and excellent communication skills. The institute will enable students to develop these skills further along with making them ready to step in the advertising industry with adequate theoretical as well as practical knowhow. Students will be taught about various social and marketing concepts at the institute along with ample training on various software used in the advertising industry.

Based on your personality type and interests, careers in advertising industry can be broadly classified in two domains: Executive and Creative. The former set of careers includes Client Servicing, Market Research and Media Research whereas the ones interested in latter can take up career positions in copywriting, scriptwriting, visualizing, photography and typography. Advertising as a subject choice and career option is very interesting and equally challenging.