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5 Points to Know How to become a photojournalist In India


5 Points to Know How to become a photojournalist In India

5 Points to Know How to become a photojournalist In India   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

If you’ve been inquiring how to become a photojournalist in India, then you’ve hopped on the right page. As a Mass Communication and Journalism Institute NIMCJ proffers specialization in the Photojournalism course along with many other attractive and robust fields, you can know more about them here.

In this blog, we have listed the things you need to become a photojournalist in India and what are the right beginning steps to take in the field of photojournalism. Have a good read.

1. See the Work of Masters

Photojournalists are basically people that tell stories and capture events and news through photographs. One needs to have efficiency in photography and a knack of curiosity around people and stories. To get a better hang of what photojournalism is the check out the works of Margaret Bourke for her India Pak Partition pictures, David Seymor for his capturing many wars, which apparently cost him his life. Then works of modern photojournalists like Henri Bresson for his street photography, Corey Arnold for his fish and sea photography, etc.

2. Understand the Philosophy

Photojournalism is a field that requires passion and energy. You need to have curiosity, extroverted tendencies. A very well socially aware personality is needed to get pictures that will awe people you will have to mingle deep into different cultures dealing with people and only people. Without creativity, your work will be dry and stereotypical. A photojournalist has to think like an artist and act like a reporter.

3. Learn Photography

Photography skills are going to be a fundamental necessity here. Now that the phones have such sophisticated cameras it is going to be easy to start learning photography to take pictures like a pro. If you are opting for photojournalism course in any institute, this need of taking sophisticated pictures will be met.

4. Making Investments

If you really think photojournalism is your field of choice and want to take it up professionally you will have to make investments in buying photography equipment and tuition courses if you want a degree in.

5. Guidance

To build a solid foundation in this field it is advisable to take a post-grad degree from a university that has an up to date pedagogy and excellent faculties. A university experience will arm you with all the skills and info one would require to make huge strides in photojournalism.

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25 Feb 2019

Post by : NIMCJ