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Advertisement in the Indian Market: Importance and Effective Techniques


Advertisement in the Indian Market: Importance and Effective Techniques

Advertisement in the Indian Market: Importance and Effective Techniques   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

In simple words, an advertisement is a form of promoting ideas, products, services, etc. Usually, various platforms for mass communication get used to getting more exposure to the ads. This is necessary to deliver better returns to the sponsors paying for the advertisements.

According to a leading advertising institute in India, advertisement holds significant importance in the Indian market to benefit businesses, consumers, and other aspects. Some of the facts shared by different mass communication colleges in Ahmedabad to prove the worth of advertisement are listed hereunder:

· To disseminate information

· To create demand

· To reduce cost related to the middlemen and other mediators

· To connect to the direct buyers

· To increase sales

· To build a stronger relationship with existing customers

· To build a known brand

· To reduce expenses

· To alert customers and target audiences about imitators

· And more

Advertising in India is an industry, which has also created several job opportunities for many people. This makes advertising important from an economic perspective as well.

Advertisement Techniques in the Indian Market:

The mass communication colleges in Ahmedabad, which cover various aspects related to mass communication for effective results, shared details about different advertising techniques. These techniques are tried and tested and have given impressive results.

We are covering some of the major advertisement techniques covered in each advertising institute in India:

1. Advertisement by Celebrities

· It is also known as endorsements.

· This type of ad features celebrities such as artists, athletes, sports people, and other famous personalities.

· A majority of people watching this form of ads often believe that the celebrity endorsing the product also uses the same product, which increases the sales.

2. Symbolism Advertising

· It is also one of the most effective advertisement techniques according to some popular mass communication colleges in Ahmedabad. This technique uses an image representing the message.

· A graphic illustration, with a crisp punchline or without any words, disseminates a crucial message to anyone who sees that graphic.

· You must have witnessed this form of an ad on billboards.

3. Empathetic Ads

· This form of advertising in India is also called, emotional appeal or empathetic form of advertisements.

· This form of ad hits the emotions of the consumer to make them feel they need the advertised product the most.

· You must have seen the ads asking you to take certain health supplements after a specific age. An ad showing an emotional story of the benefits of having life insurance. These are types of emotional ads.

4. Bandwagon Effect

· You must have heard the story of a sheep following other sheep. This effect is called the bandwagon. According to the leading mass communication colleges in Ahmedabad, it is the most effective form of advertising.

· This type of ad shows the group of audiences matching the consumer persona who have already purchased the product.

· An example of this advertisement technique is when an ad shows people of a specific industry buy a specific term plan.

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11 Dec 2020

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