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Media – The Fourth Pillar of Democracy


Media – The Fourth Pillar of Democracy

Media – The Fourth Pillar of Democracy   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

All around the world, mass media has been spreading its influence and has its reach in every part of the modern world. In the modern era, media is recognized as the fourth pillar of democracy all across the globe. In any kind of republican government, three administrative bodies are must – referring to Parliament, Administrative department and Judiciary being the first, second and third respectively.

Media as a Fourth Pillar of Democracy

Media has been given the status of being the fourth pillar in any kind of government. For sure any kind of government can’t run systematically without having any of the three important pillars, yet it is now considered that one body equally necessary that runs side by side in the media.

Thus, the media even plays an important role in building careers. There are a lot of enterprises who offer jobs to citizens with proper abilities and calibre, fit for the job. The demand and supply of mass communication are well flourishing these days and the brightest minds are being attracted to it.

Mass Media Communication

The media and bodies of mass communication have a larger influence and impact on people, bridging the gap between people and the government or the ruling parties of any democracy. Media is like a monitoring process on the ruling parties because it reports any of the activities which the politicians are up to, keeping the people in check. They give us the rightful ownership of information. Broadcasting news on an international or national basis, depending on the influence of the ruling parties, creates much-needed transparency and makes the common people feel valid and heard.

Media Role in Democracy

One of the most crucial roles which media plays is it helps in shaping democracy. It keeps the general audience updated with any kind of social, economic or political activities which are happening all around, depicting how the world is changing and how it is supposed to grow in the near future.

Media is now not only restricted to the radios and televisions but has its influence over the internet as well. The power of media has grown exponentially with the advent of social media. People usually are updated about everything by social media and the internet. This leads to even more reach to the general audience.

Media and Technology 

Mass Media and technology have blended perfectly and have made sure to reduce the events of corruption and other such issues in society. At the same time, the journalists are expected to provide totally unbiased and true stories about any event which they report.

What Media Do?

Media is also responsible for exposing any kind of loopholes in any kind of democratic system, helping the government in making sure such things are fixed in time. The result of this is that such issues which are highlighted get corrected sooner and makes the system more versatile.

Things like these make media such a tool for the hope which people look forward to. It suffices all the areas without which any kind of democracy or republican government can’t even dream to function normally and properly. And thus it can be surely called the fourth pillar of democracy.

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05 Jan 2019

Post by : NIMCJ