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4 Reasons to Opt for Mass Communication Course


4 Reasons to Opt for Mass Communication Course

4 Reasons to Opt for Mass Communication Course  
National Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism (NIMCJ) should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a future in mass communication and journalism. Situated in the heart of Ahmedabad, the institute harnesses the power of communication through advanced learning, research & innovation, primarily in journalism, communication and knowledge management in Asia. NIMCJ provides a pedagogy which is flexible, innovative and experiential, encourages professional responsibility and in which the personal bond between a teacher and student is respected and nourished. The course provided by the institute is MJMC along with specializations in Print Journalism, Electronic Media, Radio, Advertising, Public Relation, Corporate Communication, and Digital Media.
For the students who find desk jobs boring, and want lucrative jobs, the courses offered by NIMCJ are the ones to pick. You obviously want to pursue the courses which will fulfil your dream jobs. With the right skill set and well-thought career choice, you can end up in the jobs that you’ll love do.
1. Print Journalism & Electronic Media
The world is digitizing where the role of electronic media along with print journalism is playing an important part. The job opportunities in both these sectors are massive provided you are inclined towards these and have the skill set to excel. The jobs all over the country and world are booming in print journalism and electronic media. All you need is to apply for the jobs and pack your bags to reach your destination. NIMCJ provides you with the right skill sets to show off at any part of the world.
2. Radio And Television Industry
NIMCJ gives you the exposure to the market so that when you step out, you’re already the master in what you possess. The radio and television industry helps you to explore different parts of the country and settle with the job you love. At NIMCJ, students are trained for roles like Radio Jockey, Station Manager, Sales executive, Television journalist etc. A career in the infotainment industry is well-suited for all youngsters passionate about learning as this is a dynamic industry which never stops evolving.
3. Advertising And Digital Media
A job in advertising and digital media is one of the most exciting and dynamic subsections of the media industry. At NIMCJ, you will learn all these skills to make your career challenging and fulfilling. NIMCJ being one of the best digital media and social media institute gives you the opportunity to explore the avenues of digital communication.
4. Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Careers in corporate communication and public relations revolve around strategic communication within a corporate organization where the main focus is on investor relations, government relations, and media relations. A course in corporate communication and public relations provided by NIMCJ is suitable for people with sophisticated communication and polished people skills. Students enrolled in this course at the institute will be taught about various ways in which corporate bodies function and how to tackle tricky situations arising in different circumstances.
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27 Dec 2018

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