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Photojournalist: A Career that Bestows Success and Fun Altogether


Photojournalist: A Career that Bestows Success and Fun Altogether

Photojournalist: A Career that Bestows Success and Fun Altogether   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Journalism has several alluring career opportunities and photojournalism is one of them. Read on to learn about this interesting branch of journalism.

What is Photojournalism?

It is a type of journalism, in which, a journalist uses pictures aka visuals to cover the news or a story. It is the most appealing way to connect to all kinds of audiences. This is the reason, more and more students are showing interest in joining photojournalism courses in India. A photojournalist is also called a visual storyteller.

How To Get Started To Become a Photojournalist?

You need to join a degree or diploma photojournalism course. One more option is to join a degree or diploma course in photography followed by mass communication and journalism course.

What are the Required Skills?

To join a photojournalism course, you need to complete secondary or higher secondary education. To become a successful photojournalist, you will need to have the following skills:

· Complete knowledge of camera and different accessories related to that

· Functional knowledge of photo editing software such as Photoshop

· Familiarity with the internet and computer

· Tools, equipment, and software related to print and digital photography, editing, and publishing

· Skill to take pictures that would require minimal to no editing

· Presence of mind to quickly capture events

· Correct timing to take the right shots

· Keen interest in travelling and photography

· Skills related to different types of photography and elements that affect the quality of the picture such as exposure, lighting, etc.

· Art of storytelling

· Willingness to meet tight deadlines and work extra hours

· Leadership quality

· Fearless nature

You will learn many things out of the above-mentioned lists during your photojournalism course in India. However, art and passion must be within you to become a successful photojournalist.

What are the Top Job Responsibilities of a Photojournalist?

· Pitching story ideas to be covered for visual storytelling

· Traveling to the location to take photos

· Take high-quality photos and capture videos for the story the photojournalist is working on

· Edit photos without hampering the credibility

· Creating a video with the required audio

How to Have a Successful Career as a Photojournalist?

· To learn different skills and software, the first thing you need to do is join a photojournalism course in India.

· Once you complete the course, you can join a digital or print media house as a photojournalist trainee.

· As soon as you learn the practical working approach, you can grab a job of a photojournalist, followed by a senior photojournalist, and chief photojournalist.

What is the Salary Package of a Photojournalist?

Your package depends on your skills and experience as well as the media house you work in. The salary of a trainee who has just finished a photojournalism course and has no work experience is ten to fifteen thousand per month. For an experienced and skilled photojournalist, the sky is the limit in terms of income.

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20 Jul 2020

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