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Tips to Make a Successful Career as an Investigative Journalist in India


Tips to Make a Successful Career as an Investigative Journalist in India

Tips to Make a Successful Career as an Investigative Journalist in India   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

All mass media and communication students have multiple options to choose a shining career. One of the most interesting career paths for the people that enjoy a constant flow of adrenaline rush is investigating journalism. The investigative journalist does the most interesting and somewhat risky job. They uncover the truth in the public interest by performing thorough research and investigation. Yes, the kind of journalism you must have seen in many Bollywood movies where journalists try to reveal the truth behind a cunning politician or a big mystery. You can get into this exciting line by choosing this field. Wondering, how to become an investigative journalist? Read on.

What are those must-have Skills to Become a Successful Investigative Journalist?

To become a successful investigative journalist, the fundamental things you must have are confidence and fearless nature. Other than that, you must have a keen interest in social studies and languages. You should also be an art lover and the one who likes participating in debates and writing competitions.

If you don’t have any of these traits, definitely, you can develop them now onwards, but if you just don’t like any of these, then you better choose another career path.

How Do I become an Investigative Journalist?

If you are determined to know how to become an investigative journalist and want to become part of this industry, here is a stepwise guide to follow:

An undergraduate degree tends to be the minimal requirement to enter in the field of journalism. Ideally, your degree will be in communication, mass media, or journalism, but fields like political science, foreign relation, and even science degree are accepted if paired with relevant work experience. Many journalists also pursue a master degree to specialize in investigative journalism from a reputed institute such as National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism so you can not only learn about journalism but also cultivate other much-needed skill. Students in these fields typically learn data journalism, how to investigate people and corporations? After graduation, one can opt for a master in journalism. The institute will also help you prepare for different entrance exams.

Participate in local journalism and related events. To become a successful
investigative journalist, you need to be a known face and network with the local industry people so you can crack the first job easily. This is about the education point of view. From a personal point of view, follow below-mentioned tips:

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15 Oct 2019

Post by : NIMCJ