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Tips To Crack NIMCJ MACJET Entrance Exam


Tips To Crack NIMCJ MACJET Entrance Exam

Tips To Crack NIMCJ MACJET Entrance Exam  

NIMCJ is a Gujarat University recognized institute for journalism and mass communication. NIMCJ believes in harnessing the power of communication through advanced learning, research & innovation, communication, and knowledge management. With research-based, up to date pedagogy, we offer MJMC giving prospects the opportunity to specialize in print media, electronic media, radio, etc. To get a full-time MJMC from NIMCJ you will have to give MACJET- NIMCJ’s Entrance Exam, here are some of the tips that will help you.

Keep A Sharp Eye On Current Affairs.

You need to stay updated with the latest news and research, along with the things going around you. Knowledge has to be updated with time or it is of no use. The two most important things every millennial should do is to know what’s going around the world and what’s going on with them.

Enhance Your General Knowledge Quotient

Having a good General Knowledge will not only help in MACJET but also in other exams as well. A good general knowledge gives you leverage amongst other prospects. It helps you both on a personal and academic level by making your perception of the world finer.

Time Management is The Key

Time management is the key. This helps students reach their goals within the given set of time. Time management helps in the personal and professional world as well. Get a to-do list and schedule your day, you will then not be at the mercy of how you feel and do what is necessary. You will be shocked to see the number of things you can do in a day with simple time management. Time management will also effectively help to crack MACJET.

Get Accustomed To Online Reading

Get Accustomed to Online Reading. Create a habit to read online news, blogs, etc daily as much as possible and gradually get yourself adjusted to this. These days people spend hours on end scrolling through the mindless feed, and are more or less addicted doing the same, why not use this time reading ebooks online? One can find e-books for free that are priced higher in paperback versions.

Read Instructions Thoroughly

Instructions can guide you on how to go about the exam in the best possible way. Little concentration, in the beginning, while offline form filling will be of great help and will save time during the exam.

We hope that you will heed these tips and score to your best potential in MACJET, we wish you all the best, see you at NIMCJ!

29 Jan 2019

Post by : NIMCJ