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What Does a Newspaper Editor Do


What Does a Newspaper Editor Do

What Does a Newspaper Editor Do  

One of the interesting career opportunities is being a newspaper editor. Anyone who has graduated can pursue majors in journalism and mass communication to commence a career as a newspaper editor. Many students may have a common question: how to become a newspaper editor. However, you need to learn major facts related to the responsibilities of an editor in the newspaper, so you can build a successful career as a newspaper editor.

What are the Major Duties of a Newspaper Editor?

Before answering your question, “how to become a newspaper editor”, I would like to explain the major duties of a newspaper editor so you get a fair idea about your job role along with the available options if you choose this career path:

There can be different roles according to the title of the editor. The aforementioned duties are generic for users. Now, let me explain different titles and related duties.

Copy Editor

Copy Editor reviews the content to rectify any grammar mistakes or typos. He also takes care of the fact-checking in the first phase to assure the reliability and trustworthiness of the news.

Executive Editor

Executive Editor is responsible for the selection of different news and stories that need to be covered by journalists. He will also need to take care of recruiting, leading and managing writers that can be in-house or freelancers.

Managing Editor

Managing Editor manages routine tasks and operations in the media house. He also manages in-house and freelance writers to get the stories to be published.

Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor assists the executive and managing editors in their different operations. Some assistant editors, subject to media houses, also participate in coordinating with different team members as well as writing stories and its drafts sometimes.

Assignment Editor

Assignment Editor assigns the projects to journalists and writers. He is the one who chooses who will cover which story. In some media houses, the assignment newspaper editor also selects which news should be covered and which could be dropped.


There are different options to make a career as a newspaper editor. One can choose a career based on his preference. It means instead of exploring how to become a newspaper editor, you need to explore what kind of newspaper editor you want to become. Based on that decision, you can choose courses in mass media as well as an internship in the media houses. This can give the right start to your career in the newspaper editing field. NIMCJ, colleges for mass communication in India. Admissions open now.

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