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Top 4 Reasons on Why To Choose a BJMC Degree


Top 4 Reasons on Why To Choose a BJMC Degree

Top 4 Reasons on Why To Choose a BJMC Degree  

If you are thinking of becoming a journalist or any mass communication professional, you would have a hard time making people understand the scope of BJMC, we can empathize with you. In this blog we will help you and the people in your life to know how choosing a BJMC degree can lucrative and rewarding in today’s day and age.

Here are 4 reasons on why to choose BJMC for a career path:

1. A Rewarding Creative Platform

The most difficult task for a creative person is to make a living out of their art. Yes, art can be a very inclusive and personal affair for a lot of us, but one also needs to sustain oneself, unless paintings can feed and poetry can pay for bills. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a degree that will allow you to earn both: the satisfaction of the mind and also a good salary.

You can write for digital marketing agencies and guide designers on how the creatives for your content should be. You can also have your own Youtube Channel, podcast, or a segment in the Radio.

2. Allows You To Meet The Best Minds

Famous novelist Sydney Sheldon in his autobiography says, “to be luckier you need to show up more often.” It has hard to emphasize enough on the power of meeting new people. A BJMC course will allow for a lot of tours to PR agencies, News Agencies, Newspapers, and other media outlets. Not only that internships and workshops can help you make a bigger network of inspiring and like-minded people.

3. A lot of Travel

If you are an explorer, have a curious mind and love to visit new places, BJMC is the course for you. As mentioned in the above point, students of BJMC are taken to tour sever media outlets around the country. Other workshops that require travelling are frequent too.

Regardless to say no one with a bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication expects to sit on a desk from 9 to 5.

4. A lot of Options

After a full-time degree in BJMC, one can have the option of a plethora of fields to work in. One can get hired by the marketing and digital agencies, publishing, and broadcasting companies. Apart from that one can also be a writing professor or a graphic designer, a photographer, RJ, film-maker, etc.

If you think a BJMC degree is the right step to climb for your success ladder, visit NIMCJ a leading journalism and mass communication institute in Ahmedabad, India that a variety of courses in the field of journalism and mass communication.

17 May 2019

Post by : NIMCJ