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10 Reasons to Choose NIMCJ for PGDMCJ Degree


10 Reasons to Choose NIMCJ for PGDMCJ Degree

10 Reasons to Choose NIMCJ for PGDMCJ Degree

NIMCJ (National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism) is a Gujarat University recognized mass communication and journalism institute, for graduates. It is based in a lively, cosmopolitan city of Ahmedabad. Founded in 2007 NIMCJ caters 360-degree demands of mass communication and journalism industry.

If you are looking to set foot in the vast field of mass communication and journalism, here are 10 reasons why NIMCJ could be one of your most rewarding options:

1. Focuses On Practical Knowledge More

NIMCJ gives students an opportunity to explore, create and grow. Their focus is to make the post-grad aspirants, market ready. The tools, techniques, methodologies used by faculties are industry relevant and well-thought out.

2. Specialized Workshops For All

Student or not you can get in-depth, professional level knowledge on your favourite subjects. NIMCJ conducts workshops on usage of lights in cinema, usage of sound in cinema, photography, radio, and many more.

3. Yearly Educational Tours to Big News Agencies, PR Firms, etc.

The institute takes the students to Mumbai every year to tour some of the biggest News agencies, PR firms and Print Media giants like CNBC, Adfactors, Prime Focus, Bombay Samachar, etc.

4. Frequent Industry Visits

Students are given the opportunity to tour several News agencies, PR firms and Print Media giants across the city like Zee24, ABP Ashmita, Radio City, and many other places to keep them market relevant.

5. Celebrity Visits

Celebrities from the cinema from veteran Subhash Ghai and Smriti Irani to young stars like Parul Gulati and Rajat Barecha have visited the university and have shared their knowledge and experience with the students.

6. E-magazine for students to showcase talents

An E-mag titled Antakaran has been launched by the university for the sole purpose of giving the students a platform to express themselves and showcase their talents to the world.

7. Spot Admissions

They have very practical management, to make things easier for aspirant students and parents alike, they have recently introduced spot admissions, where you can apply and know if you’ve gotten a seat in the institute in a day.

8. Liberal Environment

The atmosphere is liberal to allow free flow of ideas and wholesome growth. They believe in not making things necessarily hard and focus on the overall development of the students.

9. High-end Technologies and Latest Pedagogy

Patrons will not feel alienated when they come across complex and intricate cameras, software, and other tools and equipment in the industry, as they will get a healthy exposure to all in the institute itself.  Not only that the journalism courses, print media courses, courses in digital media, and other mass communication courses are well researched and developed according to international standards.

10. Simulated Mock Experiences

Students will be allowed to act in simulated environments of a news studio and film studio to help them acquainted with the real process throughout.

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04 May 2019

Post by : NIMCJ