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A Compendious Guide on Print Media Advertising


A Compendious Guide on Print Media Advertising

A Compendious Guide on Print Media Advertising   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Print media is a form of media that uses physically printed material to convey a message. Print media advertising is a sort of advertising which uses print media for marketing.

As everyone knows, the internet is taking over all other modes of communication. Thus, internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, is taking over all other forms of advertising, including print media advertising. However, it is not dead yet!

There is, still, a gigantic segment of the audience which uses print media and to target those print media advertising is way more effective than digital marketing. In fact, modern-day print journalism institutes help students learn the power of print media along with the top ways of using this medium to reach targeted audiences more effectively.

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To use this medium of marketing, you need to understand various facets. I will cover one of the most important facets: different types of print advertising.

What are the Majorly used Print Media for Advertising?

I am going to cover the top 4 types of print advertising in brief so you can use them strategically in your marketing plan:

1. Newspaper

One of the most traditional modes of advertising in the newspaper. It might not be well versed to target the younger generation, but it is good enough to target the older generation. There are different types of print advertising in the newspaper as listed below:

    Textual classified

    Paper space to display text with a photograph

    Full-page or double-page space to highlight the advert with text, photograph, illustration, etc.

One can buy a space based on budget and preference. There are different types of newspaper and you can choose the one as per the target audience from:





2. Magazines

It is another traditional print media form that offers advertising space. One of the benefits of print media advertising in magazines is that you can target audiences, according to the interest as magazines are categorized in different category such as:



    Current affair





    Stock market

    And more

3. Billboards

This is one of the effective print media advertising channels which capture eyeballs of the people on the move. It is effective only to target local citizens. Billboards advertising costs based on its location.

4. Direct mail

Direct mail is a direct post, courier, or giveaway of print media to the consumers. There are different types of print advertising mediums that can be delivered to consumers such as:





    Business card

Print media advertising is still very effective. To take the right advantage of it, you need to understand its nitty-gritty. You can learn everything related to effective print media advertising by joining a reputed print journalism institute. NIMCJ provide a course for advertising also. Contact us now.

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19 Mar 2020

Post by : NIMCJ