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What are the advantages of advertising in print media


What are the advantages of advertising in print media

What are the advantages of advertising in print media   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Any idea when takes to the extreme bites itself. The Advertising institutes and its methodologies are not immune to that adage. People have been running with almost blindness to the new digital era for their advertising campaigns and there's nothing wrong with that. But what if we tell you that that's not the best way to get all the advantages of advertisement you can get.

 Better ROI, better conversions are derived when we use mix media in advertising. The old techniques were wise and they should not be forgotten, Print media has been the sole proprietor of branding for many centuries until the mobile phones came.

 It's time we stop and think for a while.

 In this article, we will discuss how Print Media can help you get the advantages of advertisement better.

1. Attention Span

Social media Giants hire attention engineers to make patrons stick the phone screen for a longer period of time, so we'll see more ads and thus with an increase in impressions they can profit more. Sadly, these attention engineers have reduced our attention power, studies say that small attention periods towards different kinds of stimulus depraves a person’s capacity for being attentive and also reduces the memory power. Mindlessly getting stimulated by feeds regarding unrelated topics for long periods is not as harmless as you think.

 On the other hand, when one is reading a newspaper or a magazine they are willingly taking time out of their lives, and they will spend more time going through a banner or a catalogue in the newspaper

2. Loyalty

The newspapers and magazines have subscribers, these subscribers have valued those print media platform and the things they promote, else why would they pay for it? When a business advertises on a print media platform that is also a brand, the receptivity of that business’s product or service in the eyes of the audience increases greatly. And because the readers are loyal the possibility of them converting increases greatly too.

3. Life Span

Newspaper, magazines and brochures are found at restaurants and bars, in waiting rooms of railway stations, in salons, etc. Magazines stay for a longer time and so does the ads in them, chances of an ad catching the readers’ attention increases greatly in comparison to in your Google homepage and social media profiles.

4.No Intrusion

Ads in print media platforms as mentioned in point number 2 are seen willingly, at peace. Unlike mobile phones, TVs and other digital platforms of showing ads these ads do not pop up when a person is not expecting anything. Catching a person off guard and marketing them of things they might not be necessarily interested in at that particular moment might cause negative branding at best.

5. Security

Banner ads and pop-ups have a reputation to be spam. People often do not click on them for getting affected by malware or viruses, these again have the danger of negative branding. While print media is almost immune to such factors.

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12 Apr 2019

Post by : NIMCJ