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Cinephilia - Where Fashion Meets Filmmaking


Cinephilia - Where Fashion Meets Filmmaking

Cinephilia - Where Fashion Meets Filmmaking   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

NIMCJ believes that studying even the most articulated pedagogy is not enough for the overall development of its patrons. NIMCJ alumni, students and anyone related to the field of journalism and mass communication knows this.

NIMCJ believes that on-hand practice, on-field experience helps patrons transcend beyond what they could learn otherwise.

Cinephilia is an exclusive one-week festival that is conducted by the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Department of Fashion Communication where NIMCJ's faculty Prof. Kaushal Upadhyay along with the senior batch students are invited to conduct the one-week workshop. Cinephilia - MSU, Baroda celebrates the amalgamation between Fashion and Filmmaking with its one week.

The week-long meet facilitates the Electronic Media students to work alongside and mentor the fashion and communication students of MSU. As we all know how prominent is the importance of fashion and Filmmaking on each other, Cinephilia catches on this same mutually nurturing relationship for good. The patrons of NIMCJ that are associated with its specialized course in Electronic Media under the guidance of Prof. Kaushal Upadhyay visit the prestigious and globally recognized by MSU, Baroda.

So What Happens at Cinephilia - MSU, Baroda?

The electronic media team of NIMCJ organizes the entire event. Prof. Kaushal Upadhyay has been overseeing it for three consecutive years now. The students of fashion communication at MSU, Baroda are given a two-day orientation on Filmmaking from pre-production to post-production.
The groups have to make a short film from scratch with the topic of their choice. The winners are chosen based on Story, characterization, cinematography, editing and design sensitivity of the film and are then awarded appropriately. After the orientation MSU students are divided into equal groups with equal numbers of NIMCJ patrons in each group. The goal is to make a short film in 4 days. The Electronic media students work along with, motivate and mentor the fashion students throughout the filmmaking process.

All in all, Cinephilia creates a win-win situation for both the fashion communication students as well as the Electronic Media students.

16 Mar 2019

Post by : NIMCJ