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How to Become a Sports Journalist


How to Become a Sports Journalist

How to Become a Sports Journalist   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

India is one of those countries where people are in insane love with sports. Earlier, the only sport worshipped in India was Cricket. However, these days, people are crazy about almost all sports. Some of the hot favourite sports in India apart from Cricket is Hockey, Kabaddi, Badminton, and Football. If you love any one or all of these sports, then you can convert your hobby into a profession. You can make a career in sports journalism.

What is Sports Journalism?

Sports journalism focus on writing and reporting sports news and events. Sports journalists add all media, together with print, tv broadcasting and also the web. If you are the biggest sports fan and would like to make a career in sports journalism, read on to find out how to become a sports journalist in India or how sports journalism careers make you successful.

There are some sports journalism colleges in India that offer specifically designed sports journalism courses. However, I would advise pursuing graduation in mass communication before opting for specialization in sports journalism. The mass communication course will cultivate different skills related to journalism. Thus, when you pursue your sports journalism courses you know your interest areas and you can choose the line you like the most.

In sports journalism, there are many career options. It is not limited to writing articles on matches and sports. There are many things one can do to make an outstanding career in sports journalism. Let’s see the top 5 alluring career options one can have on this line.

5 Career Option in Sports Journalism


After the mass communication course, you can start writing about sports. You can write different articles on players and sports. This can be commercial as well as non-profit one. You can spread awareness about sports and increase its likings. With experience, you may get the chance to write for bigger platforms like ESPN Cricinfo.

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This is an interesting job and loved by many. The sports reporters travel to the match venue and cover the whole match live. The reporters also get an opportunity to interact and interview players, coach, and audiences. You get paid to meet your favourite players and watch your favourite games. Isn’t it interesting?


Don’t mix anchoring with commentary. You know commentary is now pursued by the ex-players, but the anchoring is still in the hands of the anchor. You get a chance to anchor different matches on the television or radio. Nowadays, celebrity cricket, kabaddi, and other matches are common and you can anchor those.


If you like sports, plus, photography, then after the sports journalism courses, you may pursue your career as a sports photographer. You can be the one that captures unforgettable moments on camera. You can be the one whose pictures getting covered on the front page of the magazines and newspapers.

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The editor is the one who gets reported by everyone. Before releasing any news, story, photograph or anything, it comes for approval to the editor. The editor takes command of reviewing the news, story, and photograph and then allows releasing it to the public. As one can understand this is a commanding job and have a lot of responsibilities to take care of.

Now you know how to become a sports journalist in India. You must start with a mass communication course and then pursue a specialization. NIMCJ is one of the top-notch colleges that offer mass communication courses. Visit the site to get more details about the courses. 

11 Jul 2019

Post by : NIMCJ