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Timeline of the Evolution of Mass Media


Timeline of the Evolution of Mass Media

Timeline of the Evolution of Mass Media  

The evolution of mass media is an elongated, marked with milestones journey that is still being continued. The evolution of mass media occurred due to the need to pass on a message. In ultra-modern times the line between necessity and luxury is getting blurred but the bloom of mass media keeps on growing.

Mass media and its evolution came into being as one of the direst necessities of mankind that were to stay informed and connected in a way that was beyond the capability of humane physical senses.

The earliest form of information for the masses was inscribed on stones, caves and pillars, there always has been necessary to pass on important information through generations along with spreading it to the masses.

The modern mass communication bloomed with the printing press and it has not stopped since. In this article, we will see the chronological order of the evolution of mass media throughout the ages.

Pre-Industrial Age

1041: Movable Clay type printing in China

1440: The First Printing Press in the world by German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg

1477: First Printed advertisement in a book by William Caxton

Industrial Age (1700 to 1930)

1774: Invention of Electric Telegraph by George Louis Lesage

1829: Invention of Typewriter by W.S. Burt

1876: Invention of Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell

1877: Invention of the phonograph by Thomas Alva Edison

1894: Invention of Radio by Guglielmo Marconi

The early 1900’s: Starting of the Golden Age for Television, Radio and Cinema

1918: First colour movie shot Cupid Angling

1920: Invention of TV by John Logie Baird and First Radio Commercial Broadcast by KDKA radio station a daughter company of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company

1923: The first news Magazine was Launched - TIME

1927: First TV transmission by Philo Farnsworth

Electronic Age (1930s to 1980s)

1940: Community Antenna Television system, Early cable

1950: Black and White TV came out and became mainstream

1960: Rise of FM Radio

1963: Introduction of Audio Cassettes

1972: Email was developed by Ray Tomlinson

1973: First handheld Mobile Phone by John Mitchel, and Martin Cooper

1975: Introduction of VCRs

1980: Color television became mainstream and First Online Newspaper - Columbus Dispatch

1981: IBM Personal Computer is introduced

1985: Microsoft Windows is launched

1986: MCI Mail - First Commercial Email Service

Evolution of New Media (21st Century)

The 1990s to 2000s: Invention of the Internet, Birth of Social Networking Sites, and Emergence of Social Media.

1991: World Wide Web came into being by Sir Timothy John-Berners Lee

1995: Microsoft Internet Explorer was launched

1997: DVDs replaced VCR

2001: Instant Messaging Services

2002: Satellite Radio is launched

2004: Facebook

2005: Youtube

2006: Twitter

2007: Tumblr

2010: Instagram

The mass media is now heading towards the needs and wants of the users. It is heading towards a position that is aimed at a greater good. In a nutshell, making the world a more connected place, a nuclear family if you may.

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23 Jan 2019

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