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What is Yellow Journalism and What Are The Effects of Yellow Journalism


What is Yellow Journalism and What Are The Effects of Yellow Journalism

What is Yellow Journalism and What Are The Effects of Yellow Journalism
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Yellow Journalism is a way of publishing news in such a format that attracts a good number of readers with an aim to increase the circulation of the newspaper. This is a kind of journalism wherein the news is published without any proof. The main aim of Yellow Journalism is to gather the attention of people in society.

Origin of the word/ History behind the origin:

It is said that the term Yellow Journalism was first used by Erwin Wardman. He used this term to refer to the war that took place between the New York World and New York Journal. Some also argue that the term was originated from a comic strip that is believed to be published in the New York World. According to them, the main character of the comic strip used to wear a yellow-coloured shirt, hence the name Yellow Journalism.

In today’s world, there is so much competition among the publications, there are times when the news has to be altered in such a way that it fits the needs and demands of the current situation. In the past also, the editors used to feel that by changing the story idea in a certain manner, it will gain some traction in the society and catch the attention of the readers, as a result of which more and more newspapers could be sold by the publication.

Characteristics of Yellow Journalism:

  1. This kind of journalism has seen the use of more than one column headlines, there was also the use of one-page banners.

  2. There was a certain set of topics that were given preference always, topics like politics, war, international diplomacy, and sports were at times given front-page treatment to make it more attractive.

  3. There used to be a lot of usage of illustrations, and maps in the news.

  4. The journalists and publishers were always ready to experiment with the layout. It also used to happen that page number one had only one article so that it could garner more and more attention from the reader. Along with one article, the journalists and publishers also used to experiment with the illustration.

  5. As it has already been mentioned that there was no proof or source to validate the news, making it a very important characteristic of the news.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yellow Journalism

One of the most important disadvantages of Yellow Journalism was that no one took the onus of the lapses that used to happen while reporting the news. Also, the title of the article also had different interpretations, making it difficult for the reader to grasp the same.

Talking about the advantage of Yellow Journalism, the most important newspapers in New York City, The world and The Journal saw the increase in daily sales up to 6 figures.

Impact of Yellow Journalism

Yellow Journalism is seen to come into the picture whenever the competition arises. In today’s world, as we have advanced towards a new era and have been using technology. Even technology has not been able to change the principles of Yellow Journalism. A very common example of this is the kind of promotions that are done on television that promise the audience with a particular update on a story, which may not be the case in the actual sense.

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05 Jun 2020

Post by : NIMCJ