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6 Different Types Of Journalism You Would Like To Know About


6 Different Types Of Journalism You Would Like To Know About

6 Different Types Of Journalism You Would Like To Know About   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Journalism is a very broad field with a variety of ways to present your ideas or thoughts. All types of journalism are unique based on different usage of techniques to create content for different audiences and to serve a variety of purposes. Out of such a huge variety, there are 6 different types of journalism, in this article, we will briefly describe them.

6 Different Types of Journalism

Let’s elaborate and learn a little more about each type.

1. Print Journalism

Print Journalism is the practice of investigating and reporting of events in newspaper, magazines or in printed form to a broad audience. Print journalism also covers cultural aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. Photojournalist often paired with a print journalist who takes photographs to tell the story using a medium of photographs.

2. Investigative Journalism:

Investigative journalism aims to find out about the facts and presenting them in an unbiased form to the public. Many a time the investigators may find themselves in situations where the person is recalcitrant and not willing to share the information. These are the situations where investigators have to show their talents and gather the original information for the presentation of facts to the public.

3. Broadcast Journalism:

When we hear the word broadcast the first thing that may come to you naturally would be the famous TV news anchors, like Ravish Kumar and Arnab Goswami. Broadcast journalism, however, rather not just that is in front of the camera but also behind the camera. There obviously goes a lot of research before printing or broadcasting anything. Some job profiles that fall under Broadcast Journalism are local news anchor jobs, traffic and weather reporters, and production crew. So now along with being drawn to the national spotlight and wanting to join one of the major networks or news affiliates to report news worldwide, there are other things that you can do that would give you a tag of broadcast journalism as well.

4. Reviews Journalism

Review writing is rather exciting, here the writer gets to state the facts about any event, object, happening or any person and then present his viewpoint on the same as a summary of his entire research or findings. It is based on research and experience of the writer.

5. Columns Journalism:

Columns are like a personal blog where the writer gets to express his views on any subject of his choice. He can write humorous blogs or any type of area where he expertise. Columns are generally published on a weekly basis.

6. Feature Writing:

Feature writing involves long blogs about the scope, depth or interpretation of any event, object or any subject of concern. It brings the topics and viewpoints to which were previously unseen to the limelight. The data is collected and the information is inferred by conducting interviews and consulting experts in the field. Feature writings are generally very useful and are award-winning blogs when the goals are achieved.

Thus there are multiple types of journalism, it depends on your area of interest and writing style that which category you select. To gain technical knowledge about any of the Type of Journalism, professional study courses and numerous certificate courses are available for you to choose from. So if you want to make your career in journalism, don’t sit back, research and find out your area of interest, polish your skills with a recognized institute like NIMCJ — National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism and get to work!

12 May 2020

Post by : NIMCJ