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How Mass Media Is Relevant to Society


How Mass Media Is Relevant to Society

How Mass Media Is Relevant to Society  

India is a democratic country and in India or any other democratic country, Mass Media is considered as one of the most important four pillars of democracy: the legislature, socioeconomic forces, executive and Mass media. For its role in a democratic country, it is also renowned as The Fourth Estate. The role and responsibility of this pillar become more crucial. They are responsible to keep eyes on the society, the government officials, politicians and all other influencing factors that shape and influence the lives of many. They are responsible to work as the guardians of society and advocate for the rights of common people in their goodwill.

The mass media and society are two closely related bodies in the world. The acts and support of society help the representatives of this industry to speak for the brutal truth. They have to make sure they are not getting carried away due to any fear or allurements and be truthful to their duties because their statements and news influences many things not only locally where the news is reaching locally, but also at the global level.

The world is moving towards digitization and mass media is not left behind in this race. Now, the print media like newspapers, magazines, etc. are transformed into digital media such as eMagazines, videos available on the internet, etc. Thus, the reach of media has reached the global market. The information shared in the digital media makes big impact on society, social, economic and political forces.

With every good, something bad comes up and this industry is not an exception. Some people in this industry compromise with their duties. Some media houses and reporters take a bribe to not air some critical content. On the other hand, paid news and advertising are increasing day by day. Without checking facts, the renowned media houses put some corporate and politicians in a good light. In some cases, it has been shown that they literally put a sword of threat on some companies to put their image at stake for some money. The recent examples have appeared in the USA and The UK where prominent media houses were captured reneging on their social responsibilities. Thus, the importance of good mass media colleges increases.

The good colleges not only teach the curriculum of mass communication and journalism course but also pass values and responsibilities each mass media student and professional should carry with dignity. A good mass media college such as NIMCJ (National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism) teach the best practices of journalism. They also, teach the correlation between mass media and society and how a good journalist makes a difference locally and globally.

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14 Aug 2019

Post by : NIMCJ