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Specialization You Can Choose at NIMCJ


Specialization You Can Choose at NIMCJ

Specialization You Can Choose at NIMCJ   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Mass Communication and journalism is a new trending field that is booming and attracting youth all over India. Even though the field has been around for a long time. This field offers you many great career options to offer including print journalism, advertising, newspaper, Electronic Media, Radio, Branding, Public Relation, Digital Media. Nowadays many universities and colleges offering a number of professional course including mass communication and with the specialization course. Here we’re going to clarify the specialization you get at NIMCJ while pursuing mass communication.

Print Journalism

Print journalism offers a great career option in the media industry which is presented through print media. It is the oldest kind of journalism as the newspaper has been a major source of information throughout the world. Millions of people read news articles every day that spread through the local and national newspaper. With the invention of technology print journalism expand its own horizon to digital due to competition and advancement.

Electronic Media

A robust career in the infotainment industry is well suited as well as expected for all youngsters driven by curiosity. Learning is an ever dynamic industry which never stops evolving. Electronic media can bring you a lot of intellectual growth.

Throughout the entirety, of course, the institute trains its students to attain professional knowledge and technical excellence. Radio journalism and Television journalism are just two of the many most chosen career options an aspirant can take up. Other career options are also very good they include positions of reporter, newsreader, television anchor, researcher, content writer, production executive, voice-over artist, director, art director, cinematographer or editor at any electronic media production house, be it television, radio or film.


Until the previous year, this particular industry in India grew over 16 per cent annually. Apart from viewing Radio as just a form of journalism, career opportunities in the Radio industry are a lot. For instance, you can take up roles like Broadcast Assistant, Radio Jockey (RJ), Reporter, Producer, Radio Traffic Manager, Station Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Programme Controller, Radio News Editor and Broadcast Journalism. With the help of best practices as well as theoretical tools, know-how what and why of radio journalism at NIMCJ.


Who wouldn’t Dream On working with some of the best brands in the world? At NIMCJ you can learn all the brand managing skills. As a brand manager, you shall be interacting with people who make ads. You will be sitting across the table from brand managers, helping them steer their brands.

Learning a lot about branding will help you in a better understanding of the cultural nuances of people. The ones that need to be kept in mind while designing campaigns for different segments of the market.

Public Relation (PR)

Specialization in this field from NIMCJ will accelerate the aspirants written and verbal skills which will later be a huge necessity in his/her career. These careers are a big catalyst for success most importantly while dealing with media persons and drafting press releases. A PR professional will not only just be a mediator but also the whole face of an organization. Since PR is not a paid form of communication, it requires a lot of expertise to make a campaign successful.

Digital Media

Digital media is a big deal. It is a career choice of this time. We can say that by how dependent we are on technology even for our most benign and day to day requirements. We can say that it has become an omnipresent element in our day to day lives without we even realizing it. The digital media technology helps in communicating with a worldwide audience using technology like video, audio, photography, computer graphics and animation.

More than 1,50,000 job openings are estimated to be available in the Digital Media sector in India this year.

Let NIMCJ help you achieve your print journalism, electronic media, radio, advertising, public relation, corporate communication, digital media goals after graduation.

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24 Jan 2019

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