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What Are the Skills You Need to be a Journalist


What Are the Skills You Need to be a Journalist

What Are the Skills You Need to be a Journalist   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

Journalism is an alluring industry. Every year, many students pass out from the best journalism college in Gujarat and lead a thriving career. There are a plethora of opportunities one can find in this industry. However, to become a successful journalist with an outstanding career graph, you need to cultivate some explicit skills.

In this article, you will learn about the top 6 journalist skills you must have to drive your career path towards the ultimate success.

Top 6 Journalist Skills to Have Outstanding Career

1. Research Skills

This is a fundamental journalist skill one must-have. A journalist needs to know

·         Different sources to collect data

·         Putting together collected data to extract meaningful information

·         Making the right use of the extracted information

Researching skills help in finding stories, facts behind them, and ways to represent them effectively.

2. Communication Skills

Whether one needs to be an interviewer of the celebrities or a crime journalist, in each sector of journalism communication is very important. A successful journalist is proficient in

·         Being empathetic and focused

·         Collecting the required information by being friendly and

·         Representing the information to the audiences in a convincing manner

3. Writing Skills

One of the most important journalist skills is writing. Even if a journalist is working on digital media or television, he needs to cover and write stories that get either broadcast or written. Thus, in all cases, effective and flawless writing needs to be an inherent skill in a journalist. A journalist needs to make sure that his writing is to the point yet in detail.

4. Acquaintance Skills

A journalist is expected to acquaintance with everything. Thus, a journalist must be an akin reader. Regardless of his field, he needs to know something about everything happening around him. Thus, one of the journalist skills development concentrated by journalism colleges in Gujarat is acquaintance skills.

5. Seasoned Digital Skills

The digital landscape is in its mature phase. Easy access to the internet and free availability of various online platforms has created a need for seasoned digital skills. Even the print media such as newspapers have a digital presence on the major social media sites to stay connected with the audiences and growing popularity. Thus, modern journalists are expected to be well versed in the effective use of social media sites.

The internet has also given free access to abundant information. There are many data mining and research tools that can help a journalist to swiftly perform his job.

If you are considering making the use of online platforms such as being a journalist for an online newswire, then you have to have proficient digital use skills.

6. Misc

A journalist needs to have many other journalist skills such as interpersonal skills, soft skills, etc. He also needs to work under pressure. Moreover, the personality of a journalist must be politically correct, curious, passionate, and skeptical.

The best journalism college in Gujarat helps students cultivating the above-mentioned skills along with curriculum learning. Thus, it is necessary to join a college that helps in the holistic skill development and cultivate all mandatory journalist skills.

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18 May 2020

Post by : NIMCJ