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Your Pathway to Successful Career as a Scriptwriter


Your Pathway to Successful Career as a Scriptwriter

Your Pathway to Successful Career as a Scriptwriter

Movies are part of our lives. More than anyone, we Indians love movies. Therefore, many young people think of making their careers in the film industry. Luckily, in India, there are multiple opportunities as there is more than one industry one can attempt to make a career in such as Bollywood, south movies, Bhojpuri cinema, Gujarati film industry, etc. According to some of the best colleges for mass communication, there are many opportunities for artists in the entertainment industry and one of them is scriptwriting.

What is Scriptwriting?

It is also known as screenwriting. It is an art of building characters and crafting a story based on the given subject around these characters. It further develops dialogues for the characters.

Who is a Scriptwriter?

An artist who writes a script for the plot to be captured as a movie is a scriptwriter, also known as a screenwriter.

The job of a scriptwriter starts with doing the groundwork to understand the given subject to write stories and then take care of complete the screenplay and dialogues.

What is the Required Qualification to Become a Scriptwriter?

As mentioned earlier, a scriptwriter is an artist and in India artists always get recognition beyond their education or any other defining factors. However, we all know how the film industry works these days. Therefore, serious artists need to take admission in one of the best colleges for mass communication to cultivate the required skills. These skills are needed not only to write a script and characters, but also to improve the skills of communication to impress directors, producers, etc.

How to Become a Screenwriter?

If you have references in the industry, you may not need to study to become a scriptwriter. However, if you do not have any connection with the industry and if you are going to start from zero, then follow the below mentioned steps:

• Join one of the best colleges for mass communication in India and take a bachelor’s in scriptwriting course after 12th. The course duration will be about three years. Along with screenwriting, it will also teach you direction.

• If you are not 12th passed, you can join a diploma course in any one of the best colleges for mass communication. This course is also open for anyone who has passed 12th standard. The duration of this course will be one year and it will entirely focus on scriptwriting.

• After the diploma or bachelor’s course completion, you can opt for higher studies in Indian college or go abroad to sharpen your skills further.

• Once you complete the studies, you need to make a portfolio. You can either write some stories to show to the directors or you can start working in theatre shows, which run on a small scale. Theatre shows are easy to grab projects and they will help you grab the required experience. It will make your way towards the film industry easier.

If you really like stories or like writing, scriptwriting can be a delighting career for you.

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01 Oct 2020

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