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How Can You Make a Successful Career in Fashion Journalism


How Can You Make a Successful Career in Fashion Journalism

How Can You Make a Successful Career in Fashion Journalism   Admissions Open for PGDMCJ 2021

In India, the fashion industry is growing like anything and it has attracted many youngsters to make their career in the fashion world. If you, too, are thinking to make a career in the fashion industry, you have chosen the right field. At home-front and at a global level, the fashion industry is growing. A formal study to enter into this industry is fashion journalism.

When you pursue a course from one of the known fashion journalism colleges, you open all doors of opportunities. The course in fashion journalism includes everything, from writing about fashion trends to beautifying the pictures. The career in fashion journalism includes all options. You can become a writer, editor, blogger, photo stylist, interviewer, reporter and public relations manager.

You have all the options to choose from after studies. However, recommended career option with abundant opportunities in writing and editing.

How to become a fashion journalist?

There are some fashion journalism colleges in India that offer courses in professional fashion journalism, photography, communication and styling. The most popular course at the moment is PGDMCJ (Post Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism. The fashion journalism college like NIMCJ (National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism) offers the best fashion journalism courses to the fashion enthusiasts With this course, you not only learn skills of fashion writing and editing, but also the right skill of articulating your thoughts to the masses in the most effective manner.

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Who can make a career as a fashion journalist?

Anyone with a keen interest in fashion trends and flair in writing can become a successful fashion journalist. If you want to have more options available as career choices, it is advisable to pursue a course of PGDMCJ (Post Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism instead of specialization in just fashion journalism. The PGDMCJ cultivate skills of writing, editing, reporting, interviewing and public relation. Sometimes students realize their core strength during the studies. After PGDMCJ, you can select the job based on your interest. If you like writing, you can write or you can make a career in photography, public relation, marketing, editing, and there are many more options. Based on your own skills and interest you can choose your battlefield.

Job Area for a Fashion Journalist

If you choose to make a career in fashion journalism, you are the one who will research local and global fashion trends. They know about different fabrics, styles, brands and right terminologies for everything in the fashion world. The fashion journalist can work as a freelancer or in any prestigious fashion house or magazine. You can be a critic for the red carpet shows and the celebrity wardrobes in their public appearances. Even as an independent blogger one can earn a lot of name and fame.

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05 Jul 2019

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